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The Michigan Connection

The first milestone for the program is to walk the equivalent of the distance between our three communities: Chelsea, Dexter, and Manchester, or 45 miles. Once completed, you have made the "Community Connection."

Each 45-mile circuit completed thereafter advances you to another milestone in Michigan. Complete 10 of the circuits, or 450 miles, and you will have made the "Michigan Connection" - the distance from southern lower Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie.

Tracking Your Progress

In addition to the natural rewards one receives by being more active and eating healthy foods, rewards will be given for miles walked. All participants will be given a Personal Walking Journal and Log, where daily, weekly, and quarterly progress can be recorded and notes made for general observations, scenic routes, and companions.

Remember, 15 minutes of exercise is the equivalent of walking one mile. We find participants like to measure success in different ways. If you like, every time you exercise for 15 minutes or more, be sure to fill in a box on the Michigan Connection pages of your journal as shown below. What's most important is that you continue to exercise. Completing the Michigan Connection helps you visualize your success.

Bring your journal to three required sessions in your respective community. At these sessions, body mass index, current activity level, and healthy days measures will be recorded. The sessions occur shortly after you sign up, at six months, and at one year. Rewards will be given for each milestone, and a big reward will be made at the end.

Setting Goals

We want you to feel healthier, and we know you can by walking 2 miles -- or 30 minutes -- three days per week. In fact, the Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes of exercise almost every day. And if you're already there, you don't stop walking. We want you to increase your walking by 2 more miles each week.