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What is Fit Transition?

Fit Transition is a program designed for patients who have completed Physical or Occupational Therapy or Cardiac Rehabilitation. It provides the individual a smooth transition from their existing routine into an independent exercise program.

Joining the Wellness Center through the Fit Transition program allows you to acquire a full membership to the center, with added benefits. The initial enrollment fee will be $50.00 ($150.00 savings) and you will be assigned to one of the Personal Trainers on staff.

The Personal Trainer will work with your therapist to get detailed exercise recommendations based on your specific health care needs and limitation. The Trainer will help you transition your current exercise routine to the Wellness Center and give you additional guidelines based on your interests and goals.

After your initial appointment with the trainer, the Center's Fitness Specialists are always available for you if you need assistance or have and questions.

Continued Training with a Personal Trainer is also available if you choose to do so.


We are located in the Chelsea Wellness Center

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