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Please fill out this form to recognize a St. Joe's Chelsea hospital employee for doing an EXCELLENT job!

Category explanations

Demonstrates common trust and confidence, collaboration/synergy, an abiding respect and belief in and/for others. Thinks in terms of us rather than me and them.

Employee suggests and engages in creative solutions, is not afraid to take initiative/risks, seeks new knowledge/ideas, demonstrates a pioneer spirit.

Demonstrates ethical behavior, practices/promotes confidentiality, solves problems rather than passing them on, uses time and resources wisely.

Demonstrates dedication and loyalty to promote the vision, mission and values of the organization.  Rises above all obstacles and surpasses expectations to provide the best possible service.

Unselfishly responds to others' physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that drive a positive safety culture (i.e. Identifies an issue/problem and brings it forward; someone who makes a good catch preventing an adverse event; identifies areas where practice has drifted from intent/procedure; speaks with peer/associate on how to problem solve safety issues or change behavior, etc.)

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