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What is the South Pavilion?

  • The South Pavilion is a three-story wing consisting of a first-floor Emergency Center and second and third floors of medical/surgical private inpatient rooms.

Where exactly will the South Pavilion be in relation to the current hospital?

  • The South Pavilion will connect where the West entrance is currently, just north of the Michigan Orthopedic Institute and south of Classroom 1 and Classroom 2.

What is the timeline of the South Pavilion?

  • Groundbreaking will occur in February 2011, and the South Pavilion will be open in eighteen months in Fall 2012.

How will this be different?

  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia will have all private patient rooms.

Will there be any changes to the main hospital?

  • The current rooms in the main hospital will be renovated to private patient rooms after the South Pavilion is finished.

What changes should we expect during construction?

  • The west entrance south of Classrooms 1 and 2 and north of the Michigan Orthopedic Institute is blocked off, as well as all the windows to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. In place, there is a wall with renderings of the new South Pavilion and a TV highlighting St. Mary Mercy Hospital's services. 
  • A fence will be put up to block off all construction areas. The path to the warehouse will be blocked.

How is parking going to change with the new South Pavilion?

  • Additional parking lots have been paved. Patients should park
  • Employees that parked by the Marion building now need to park in the newly paved south parking lot with designated yellow lines. The parking spaces closer to the Marion building will be for patients only.

How it is financed?

  • St. Mary Mercy Hospital is regionally member St. Joseph Mercy Health System and national member of Trinity Health, one of the largest health systems in the United States. Both St. Mary Mercy Hospital and Trinity Health are both stewarding resources for this $89 million project. 
  • Philanthropic support from our community partners is also a vital component of this project as we embark on this significant enhancement for our patients and community at large. To learn more about the philanthropic campaign initiative or to make a gif, contact the S. Mary Mercy Development Office at 734-655-2980.

Does the new brickwork look like the original design of the hospital?

  • It matches really well, almost a 100 percent identical match. The original blend of brick wasn’t available but today’s current suppliers of brick did a great job helping us make that work. It was a real team effort between the architect, construction team and brick layer. We are very happy with the end results. But we also keep in mind the new South Pavilion will have a more modern look of the times compared to our original footprint.

We heard the heliport area might be moved?

  • Yes, it will be moved to the south to be co-located with the new Emergency Center (EC) in the South Pavilion. It’s logical to believe it will be safer for flying as well because the area is more open, and it will be more accessible to the EC compared to the current pad.

Have there been many comments from patients about construction noise?

  • We haven’t heard any concerns from patients at all. Great care has been taken to limit any disruptions to serving the patients. A few staff have noticed some odors on occasion from the diesel construction equipment, but generally we’ve been able to rectify that problem very quickly.
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