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CCH to Implement Electronic Medical Record
Start Date

CHELSEA, MI – Chelsea Community Hospital is pleased to announce an upgrade in its medical records, scheduling, and registration systems.

“Genesis,” Trinity Health’s electronic medical record system, will be fully implemented at CCH on July 16, 2011. “Months of training and preparation have gone into this important project, and the staff is ready to take this important step,” says Kathy Brubaker, Executive Vice-President for Patient Care and the CCH executive leading this project.

Genesis consists of a group of sophisticated systems that will revolutionize the way CCH provides care. It will eliminate the use of paper medical records, and will help to provide the safest and highest quality care possible. Through this transition, CCH has been fortunate to have strong support from Saint Joseph Mercy Health System staff, who have been very involved and critically important to the success of this project.

“We are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients, and are excited to take this next step of implementing our electronic medical record,” says Kathleen Griffiths, President and CEO of CCH. “Our patients and their families are our priority, and we are pleased to be using cutting edge technology that will enhance the care we provide. Genesis ties in nicely with the building of our new facility, as both projects are important ways that we are growing to meet the needs of the communities we serve.”

Electronic medical record systems such as Genesis offer many important benefits for patients. Here is an overview of how this system works to the patient’s advantage: ·

  • Genesis will eliminate transcribing errors or guesswork that can happen with handwritten orders.
  • Orders are entered online from multiple areas, including the patient’s bedside.
  • Tests, medication orders, and lab requests are immediately sent and received.
  • A patient’s treatment history is available from any location, at any time. This increases coordination of care, improves future decisions about the patient’s care, and reduces the duplication of tests when handwritten records cannot be found.
  • Nurses can validate and update health history without relying on a patient’s memory during a stressful time.
  • Medication orders are crosschecked with a database to help physicians and pharmacists recognize potential drug interactions as they are writing prescriptions for the patient.
  • Genesis includes revenue management and supply chain management systems that increase efficiencies and help reduce the cost of health care.
  • On-line nursing documentation saves time and increases efficiency.
  • We have an enhanced ability to partner with patients on managing their care. We enable a patient’s ability to review the information with us, giving us feedback as we go.
  • Clinical information for any patient will be available across the continuum of care, during a single visit, and for subsequent visits to Chelsea Community Hospital, or for visits to Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, or any other Trinity Health facility/ or physician practice across the country.

This system increases patient safety and enhances quality of care by:

  • Putting patient information at the caregiver’s fingertips in real time (no waiting for paper records to arrive)
  • Significantly reducing serious medication errors, according to research by organizations such as the Institute of Medicine
  • Helping to eliminate:
  • Transcription errors
  • The need to decipher handwriting
  • Searching for patient charts
  • Waiting for test results to catch up with the patient’s paper chart

“Most of the changes that occur with Genesis will not be seen by the patients; they will receive the same high-quality care they have come to expect from us,” Brubaker added. “Having an electronic medical record will enable us to continue to provide excellent, patient-centered care, backed by a state-of-the-art system.”