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What we do

Our cardiac rehabilitation programs offer a safe supportive and supervised environment to help you begin a personalized heart healthy lifestyle. The key to keeping your heart healthy is by staying physically active regularly. Our programs are designed for people who have heart disease and have experienced the following:

  • A Heart attack
  • Cardiac stenting
  • Cardiac angioplasty
  • Bypass surgery
  • Valve replacement or repair
  • Stable angina

We provide two different outpatient rehabilitation programs here at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea that are staffed by a registered nurse, exercise physiologist and a respiratory therapist.


In our Phase II Program you will exercise in a group setting alongside others who also have heart disease. You will exercise while wearing a heart rate monitor that records your heart rate and rhythm. Our specialized staff will closely monitor how your heart reacts and adapts to exercise while leading you through your exercise. The exercise will help you strengthen and condition your heart in a safe environment. Education is also a key component in phase II and our claseses will help you learn to live a long productive life with heart disease. We offer this phase M, W, F 8-12. Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of phase II cardiac rehabilitation. Please contact your health plan to confirm coverage.


Our Phase III Program allows you to continue exercise in a supervised group setting. Our staff will continue to monitor your vitals however you will take an active role in setting your own workload levels and exercise duration. We offer this phase two days a week T, TH 8-12. Phase III is not covered by insurance, but costs are reasonable.

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