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Neuropsychologists specialize in the relationship between the brain and behavior. They evaluate people with known or suspected neurologic (e.g., stroke, head injury, Alzheimer's disease, dementia) and/or psychiatric (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance abuse) disorders. For example, someone may be questioning whether they are having memory problems associated with a dementia versus normal aging and typical forgetfulness. A neuropsychologist will help identify the nature of the problem and then will assist in developing workable solutions. Another person may have sustained a concussion and is finding it difficult to concentrate and do daily activities. The neuropsychologist can determine how severe the memory and functional losses are, can track the person's recovery and can help this person and his family adjust to this change in processing.

Neuropsychologists often interview and administer tests to determine a person's continued strengths and areas of acquired impairments. This evaluation can be used to help assist in diagnosing the problem, to provide suggestions to the treatment team in ways to work most effectively with a patient, and to provide recommendations for the patient for home or work. Testing may be repeated in order to demonstrate the patient's progress.

Neuropsychologists may meet with patients and family members to deal with adjustment as they cope and recover from illness or injury. They are also available to address behavior issues that impact a patient's ability to participate in treatment. The information obtained through testing is confidential in nature and will not be shared without the patient's or guardian's permission.

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