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Surgery Expectations

What to Expect in Surgery

This information is provided to help you and your family/companions know what to expect when you arrive at the surgery waiting area. Registration will occur when you arrive.

Check In

Once you have been registered, please check in at the surgery waiting room and give your registration paperwork to the coordinator at the desk.

How soon will I be called?

There are many different doctors and procedures scheduled in Surgical Services, some of which are medical emergencies. Therefore, patients who arrive after you may be called ahead of you. Although this is normal, if you have been waiting for an extended period, please check with the waiting room personnel.

When I am called, can my family go with me?

You will be taken to the procedure preparation area where you will meet the nurses and doctors who will prepare you for the procedure. If you have any questions about your procedure, this is your opportunity to discuss them. When the nurses have completed the preparation process, your family/companion will be called to the prep area for a brief visit immediately prior to surgery.

Family/Companion responsibility

At least one family member or companion must agree to be the Responsible Adult Companion (RAC). This person should remain in the surgery waiting area so that the physician can talk with him/her when the procedure is completed or during the procedure if necessary.

Many of the procedures done in this area are of short duration; therefore, it is important to have someone immediately available. If the RAC must leave the waiting room, it is important that he/she advises the coordinator. For outpatients, the RAC must be a licensed driver at least 18 years of age. We will ask the RAC to hold any valuables the patient may have brought along.

When the patient is in recovery

The nurses will call when the procedure is complete and the patient has sufficiently recovered to allow a visitor. Because the nurses must continually monitor their patients, only one person at a time, per patient, will be allowed in the Recovery Room. Please note that children 12 and under are not permitted to visit in the Recovery Room.

For outpatients, the RAC will be given written and verbal discharge instructions. The RAC may need to assist the patient in getting dressed prior to discharge. We recommend that the RAC stay with the patient for the remainder of the day (or designate someone else to do so), to ensure a safe patient recovery.

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