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To ensure your safety and to avoid delays, please follow these instructions. This will help to ensure your comfort and reduce complications.

No Food or Drink
Follow the prep instructions that were given to you by your physician. Take medications as your physician directed you. Do not eat or drink after midnight before your procedure. Doing so can create life-threatening complications that can result in the cancellation of your procedure.

Your Health
Please notify your physician if you have a cold, fever, or infection before coming to the clinic for your procedure. Please bring a current list of current medications (including over-the-counter and herbal remedies) with dosages and administration times, along with a list of allergies.

Leave Valuables at Home
Please leave all jewelry and cell phones at home. We cannot be responsible for lost items.

Responsible Adult Companion (RAC)
You will be required to bring an adult companion (over the age of 18) with you the day of your procedure. Companions must arrive with you and be present in the waiting room during your entire stay here. This person will be responsible for driving you home and will stay with you for 12 hours after your procedure, or 24 hours if anesthesia is involved. If you have small children, please arrange for their care, as they are not allowed in the prep and recovery areas.

Upon arrival, you will register in the endoscopy/pain registration area located on the first floor of the Professional Building, suite 102. The registration area is immediately to the right as you enter the Professional Building. After you have registered, you will be directed to Suite 202, located on the 2nd floor. Please check in at the desk.

You will be escorted from the waiting room to the pre-procedure area. You will meet with your nurses, who will review your history and medication list, check your vital signs, answer questions, and start your IV if necessary.

Your Procedure
A nurse will take you to the endoscopy suite, where your procedure will be performed. At this time, you will review your procedure with your physician. If you and your physician have chosen conscious sedation, it will be administered at this time.

After your endoscopic procedure, you will be taken to the recovery area. Your companion will be with you in the recovery area and will remain with you until discharge. He or she will receive instructions for your care at home. Your physician will talk to your family regarding your procedure. Because sedation was used, an adult must drive you home. Your companion will also help you to get around and use stairs.

You will remain in the recovery room until you are ready for discharge. You may be a little dizzy when you attempt to sit up and get dressed. Your nurse or your companion will assist you in dressing and help you into a wheelchair. Your companion will bring the car to the entrance, where we will assist you into the car.

At Home
Please do not drive, drink any alcoholic beverages, sign any legal documents, or do anything strenuous after your procedure for 24 hours. It is important that you rest and follow your discharge instructions.

We pride ourselves on maintaining your privacy and providing excellent care. If at any time we are not meeting your needs, please let us know. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

Thank you for choosing St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea.