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"When I got in trouble with the law for driving while intoxicated, the first thing I did was find a good lawyer. He gave me very good advice. First, he said to realize that I have a disease. Second, take care of myself to stay healthy and fit. Third, get myself right down to the Older Adult Recovery Center. Good advice on all counts.

I took the intensive outpatient program at the OARC in 2003, a careful mixture of chemical/medical education, group therapy, and individual therapy. Though I was very skeptical at first, I found enough useful things every day to keep me coming back and I came to look forward to my days at the OARC. As the intensity of the program tapered off, I found AA groups to help me stay focused on my recovery. I was proud to be eventually 'graduated' to the advanced recovery group, though I learned there that technically I was still in early remission. True remission is a long, long process.

I consider every penny spent on my treatment to be a good investment in a healthy, happy life. I had to 'hit bottom' in dramatic fashion to realize that I needed help, but I strongly encourage anyone who thinks they MAY have a problem to check out this program."

- K.C.Y.

"After years of trying to do things 'my way or no way,' it was not easy to come into a group or organization and start looking at things differently. In fact, the very first time I walked into the treatment center, I made it very clear to the interviewer that I didn't want anything to do with things like group, education, or AA. I told him that all I wanted to do at the center was talk to a psychiatrist once a week and get a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug...

Any fears or apprehensions I had about enrolling in a treatment program that involved groups and education were quickly dissipated during my first few days there. In fact, I found coming out of isolation and talking with a group of my peers about our feelings and experiences with addictions to be very refreshing and empowering. I no longer felt that I had to fight the fight alone. Indeed, I learned that it should not be fought alone."

-A. C.