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What we do

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Experienced physicians and nurses with advanced training in emergency medicine provide care 365 days a year in the 24-hour Emergency Department. More than 18,000 patients are treated each year for emergencies ranging from life threatening cardiac arrests and strokes, to major injuries and accidents, to more minor injuries.

Facilities include expanded rooms for patients needing prolonged observation and testing before returning home, 20 private exam rooms adding a greater degree of privacy for patients, and a large and comfortable waiting area for families and friends.

Additionally, Chelsea is a member of the Washtenaw/Livingston County Emergency Medical Control Authority, a group comprised of representatives from all area hospitals and emergency transport services working together to develop policies, procedures, and quality assurance activities to provide the best care possible. These collaborative efforts help to ensure high standards of Emergency Medical Services to the surrounding communities.

Michigan's First Senior ERSM

Unique in every way

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System is the first in Michigan to create specialized emergency departments for patients age 65 and up. The Senior Emergency Department provides a private treatment area, staffed by specially trained geriatric (senior) emergency care providers at each of St. Joe's emergency departments across southeast Michigan.

A Care Experience Like No Other

Senior adults have unique care needs when emergencies arise. Pre-existing medical conditions, multiple medications, nutrition or even issues with depression could turn an injury or illness into something more serious. The Senior Emergency Department focuses on the cultural and medical skills required to care for the body, mind and spirit. The medical staff provides an experience that is worthy of the dignity and respect seniors deserve.

Enhanced Expertise and Sensitivity

Our skilled team assesses physical function, cognitive status and level of risk. Our board-certified Emergency physicians have specialized geriatric emergency medicine training, and our nurses are certified in Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education (GENE). A Quiet and Comfortable Environment, we've transformed the physical space to optimize patient comfort and safety in a peaceful setting. Soft lighting. Private rooms. Non-skid/non-glare floors. Extra thick pressure-reducing mattresses. Hearing and visual amplifiers. All of these amenities and more help reduce anxiety, disorientation and minimize the risk of falls and ulcers.

Making a Lasting Difference

All aspects of the Senior Emergency Department experience are designed with your long-term health and wellness in mind. We've developed new staffing standards enabling our caregivers to spend more time evaluating the senior patient's health and medical needs with a goal of addressing the root causes of issues to ensure long-term health and wellness.

The next time you're faced with an emergency, choose the skilled staff and welcoming environment at one of the Senior Emergency Departments at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.