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Common Effects of Heavy Drinking

  • Central Nervous System Effects
    • Loss of brain cells, resulting in impaired judgment, memory, and physical coordination.
    • Feeling less alert with slower reaction time.
    • More accident prone (e.g., falls, car accidents)
  • Liver and Kidney Problems
    • Excessive alcohol use interferes with getting nutrients from food.
    • Excessive and chronic use can cause alcoholic hepatitis (destruction of liver cells) and cirrhosis (scarring/shrinking of liver).
  • Gastro-intestinal Problems
    • Increases gastric secretions and decreases digestive enzymes, resulting in heartburn, gastritis, intestinal bleeding, and slower digestive process.
  • Heart disease
    • Increased risk of heart disease by increasing blood pressure and worsening diabetes.
  • Nutrition deficiency
    • Decreased appetite, food absorption, and metabolism, resulting in possible malnutrition.
  • Sleep Problems
    • Increased sleep disturbances such as insomnia, restlessness, and early awakening.
  • Psycho-social problems
    • Depressed mood
    • Mood swings
    • Reduced energy
    • Difficulty problem-solving
    • Social isolation
    • Low self-esteem
    • Family problems
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